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Christmas Pudding* - Merry Christmas!

2010-12-23 08:57:19 by CremePudding

I know this is early .x.

* - I have never seen a real Christmas Pudding before. Will be eating one soon though.
(They are not very common in Hong Kong.....)

Christmas Pudding* - Merry Christmas!

Some fun while I studied today.

2010-12-10 11:53:30 by CremePudding

Since I am studying all day in my room today,I took quite a few short breaks.
I had some fun while I am relaxing my brain on NG.
Astral Bellum ( /555840)
A really incredible game. Glad I took part in "saving" it,even though it doesn't need saving.
The gameplay is great,although limited in replayability after you finish the campaign,
Aside from that,I loved the art style and the music. So relaxing.
Give it a try; the high score should prove that it is not half-bad if you don't trust me : D
Aside from blam-and-saving interesting stuff on Newgrounds,
I also had a little fun with a game on iOS and a text-choice game.
The one on the iOS is called Bar Oasis.
Here's the review:

(I loved the style and the soundtrack! I kind of hope something similar would be out on NG too.....)
And the other one is Choice Of Romance.
It is actually hosted on a site called Choice Of Games
( and playable on web and iOS and some other smartphone.
The review is at: se-your-own-adventure-with-choice-of-g ames-library-of-interactive-fiction/

The spices are ready!

2010-12-08 12:21:33 by CremePudding

Whew. I finally draw up something that isn't an eyesore.
I guess my first try can be consider a success.....
(I hope somebody don't protest against my header / image / icon and ask to remove it)
Profiles of other users look so nice though......Everyone is so skilled .3.
I think I am a little jealous leh.

Stuck at making my avatar : O

2010-12-08 09:16:07 by CremePudding

turns out drawing a pudding and then making it all-blurry and dreamy is tough when you discard the black topping.
*rave uncontrollably*
P.S.Paint is so helpful along side other programs.